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So you found the home of your dreams, there is room for your big sectional sofa and an outlet for the welder in the garage. That is the definition of an emotional buying decision. Now it is time for some unbiased rational input. 

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I, personally, will go through your new home with you (preferred) and discuss all the pros and cons of my findings along with answering any questions you may come up with. I find that most people only have seen their new home once or twice with their agent for about 15 minutes each time. In general, people spend more time buying a new car. Plan on 3 hours of well spent time going through every room systematically with an inspector that has a lengthy background in both real estate and construction. Within 24 hours of your inspection, you (and your agent if you agree) will receive notice that a complete report and summary is available on a secure server accessible only by username and password.

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Sample Report Username: Sample2120 Password: cedarcarpet

RecallCheck makes sure that major appliances in the house are not subject to a manufacturer recall.



A word from a customer:

Rating #: 62493 (Buyer/Seller)         Mar 9, 2014 11:01 PM     Rating: 10 

 “Steve was excellent. He was very thorough, listened to our concerns, and communicated very well. Not only did he make us aware of issues that needed to be dealt with, he provided great ideas on how we could make the place even better. Highly recommended.”

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